Debt Solutions

Personal debt in the UK has exceeded £1.4 trillion, with someone being declared insolvent or bankrupt every 5 minutes*

With this level of debt and insolvency or bankruptcy, free access to effective debt management solutions is crucial. If you find yourself in a position where borrowing more money to consolidate your existing finance is becoming too expensive, or if you are no longer able to arrange more credit, you may well be eligible for a debt solution. If you cannot afford your debts, bankruptcy doesn’t have to be your only option. Are you aware of the debt solutions available within the UK, including debt management plans or IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements)?

If you have a need in this area we have access to specialists that we can refer you to for advice. Please contact us for more details.

Debt Management is referred to a third party. First Choice Mortgages (Sussex) Ltd and First Complete Ltd (435779) are not responsible for any advice received from the third party.

*Source: The Money Charity 2014.